“Aquatic hike”, “Aqua-rando” or “Aqua trekking”?


The three terms; “aquatic hike”, “aqua-hike” and “aqua trekking” actually designate the same activity. In the 90s, the prefecture imposed that the verdon bed should be full up to Lake Sainte-Croix on release days, before sunrise. A measure which reassured the population but which halved the number of days of possible releases of water from the Chaudanne dam. Two days of releases per week, three days the years when the reserves are sufficient. It was necessary to find a complementary activity in order to be able to work in a lasting way in the valley. It was in the Samson corridor that we would find the solution, the days when the dam remained “closed”.


Aqua Trekking in the Samson corridor

From the corridor, we descend for almost two kilometers the course of the Verdon. When swimming, with only buoyancy aid, the life jacket worn in rafting. We are also equipped with a helmet and a neoprene suit. This route offers one of the most beautiful settings in the Grand Canyon, only accessible by water. In addition, the Belvedere of the Samson Corridor located on the right bank in the town of Rougon, allows very easy access to these gorges, often deeper than four hundred meters.

We use the force of the current to progress. We go out of the water a few times to get jumps measured between 1 and 5 meters. To this we must also add the access walk and the return walk. More few steps in the river which allow us to get around insurmountable obstacles. It is also up to the guide to comment on this environment. Describe its fauna and flora and explain the geological formation of the Canyon in general. With time and frequenting the route, the guides become defenders of the ecology, favoring a unique path that preserves the fragile areas of the river.

The river belongs to everyone and everyone can venture into it at their own risk. However, given the many dangers of the Verdon, it is better to be accompanied by a professional guide.

The Funny Helmets.