The villages of the Verdon are all overflowing with charm. The charm of the villages of Provence but also the charm of the villages of Haute Provence. There are differences between the villages of the middle Verdon and those of the lower Verdon. Indeed, the altitude and the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea give a better climate to the lower Verdon. A traditional architecture thus more Provençal in the Bas Verdon. On the other hand, we observe a more “mountain” culture in the middle Verdon. If you go to the Col d’Allos, the sources of the Verdon, you will see on the road more and more sloping roofs.

In these articles, you will find some anecdotes and indications about several villages of the area. We hope to enrich this section little by little. You will also find articles entitled “Road Trip” which invite you to link several villages. Charming roads guaranteed. The most courageous will realize these routes by bike!