The Culture and Heritage section has its unclassifiable articles grouped under the “Various articles” section. Culture and heritage are particularly diverse in the Verdon!

Indeed, one cannot talk about the Verdon and the sports activities that can be practiced there without talking about some details of this region. This section is still at the beginning and it already gathers articles that we would not have imagined together.

So, we will talk about the observatory of Chiran, a unique site in our beautiful region. We will also talk to you about our beautiful lavender landscapes. If you are still curious, you will also learn about the history of the route des Crêtes and the functioning of the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon.

And much more reading to come in the various articles section!

  • Verdon and extraterrestrials – The Valensole Meeting

    The Verdon and extraterrestrials. On 1 July 1965, an extraordinary event took place in the lavender fields of Valensole, in Provence. Maurice Masse, a 41-year-old farmer, claimed to have had a close encounter of the third kind with extraterrestrial beings. His story, which became famous in the annals of French ufology, continues to fascinate and…

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  • Le Mandarom in Castellane: Spirituality and controversy

    A controversial haven of peace Perched high above Castellane, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region of France, the Mandarom is an atypical monastery. Founded in 1978 by Gilbert Bourdin, a controversial figure proclaiming himself to be the “cosmoplanetary messiah”, the site has a chequered history, oscillating between spirituality and accusations of sectarian aberrations. The Mandarom aims to…

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  • The house of local products of the Verdon

    Arriving from Digne or from the lake of Castillon. Just after the roundabout called “rond point du Casino“. You will see on your left a pretty Provençal building restored to its original style. And well stop!  The house of local products of the gorges of the verdon awaits you! A house of local products of…

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  • Mount Chiran Astronomical Observatory

    The Mount Chiran Astronomical Observatory now belongs to an association that welcomes you for an evening under the stars. The Mont Chiran observatory is located in the Verdon Regional Natural Park at 1905 meters above sea level. Many of you contact us about the observatory. Unfortunately, we cannot give you more precise information. We are…

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  • Verdon and its marvelous lavender landscapes

    The Verdon is surrounded by lavender landscapes. It has existed for more than 2000 years on the shores of the Mediterranean. In France, it is cultivated only in the south-east. In the three departments of the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Drôme and the Vaucluse. It normally flowers from mid-June to mid-July on the Valensole…

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  • The Route des Cretes, Verdon Gorges

    A route des Cretes generally offers magnificent views in a mountainous tourist region. The route des cretes des Gorges du Verdon – D23 is one of these and will not leave you indifferent. The route des Cretes, Verdon Gorges (D23) It was built and moved in large part by the inhabitants of La Pallud between…

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  • Regional Natural Park of Verdon, the Guardian of the Temple

    Regional Natural Park of Verdon Created on March 3, 1997. Like any Regional Natural Park, it ensures that the economic development of its territory is harmonized with the conservation and enhancement of its natural heritage. Thus, they differ from the National Natural Parks which are territories protected from human activity. In addition, surrounded by culminating…

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