Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to discover the Verdon region. The paths left by the generations of the past are legion here. You will thus discover the old axes of communication connecting the many villages. Just like you will follow other paths leading to the pastures or other forgotten chapels.

Hiking in the Verdon can be practiced all year round. However, in July-August it can be excessively hot. Apart from along the verdon, it may be difficult to find freshness.

In winter, some years, you will have to put on snowshoes! the Verdon under the snow, absolutely magnificent!

All the rest of the year, the Verdon promises you magnificent mid-mountain hikes with perfect climatic conditions.

  • Cadieres de Brandis hike

    The Cadieres de Brandis hike from the Col des Lèques in the Verdon offers a breathtaking experience in the heart of one of Provence’s natural gems. How to get to Col des Lèques by car To reach the Col des Lèques on the D4085 from Castellane, you need to drive about 9 kilometers. Here’s how…

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  • Teillon hike, the summit of the middle Verdon

    The hike to Teillon, the summit of the Middle Verdon, brings you to 1893 meters. It is the border between the Parc Naturel Régional des Préalpes d’Azur and the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon. The Teillon is also called the Mountain of the Four Terms. In reference to the four markers that delimit the four…

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  • Rancoumas belvedere, Verdon Gorges Hike

    The Rancoumas belvedere is located on the edge of the Grand Canyon du Verdon. On the left bank, facing the first belvederes of the Route des Crètes. The point of view is exceptional. Beware of children and people subject to vertigo. The Rancoumas belvedere can only be reached with its legs. However, for the less…

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  • Blanc-Martel trail, the Verdon family hike

    The Blanc-Martel trail is undoubtedly the most famous and most traveled trail in the Verdon. It is accessible to anyone in good health. Ideal for the family. 16 km long for a positive vertical drop of 600 meters. A quick step will take you through it in about 3 hours. By taking plenty of time…

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  • Hiking the Imbut trail, the magic of Verdon

    Hiking the imbut trail, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Verdon. This route is modeled (or vice versa) on the Day Water Hike route. Indeed, for this activity, we use the same access (the descent of the Cavaliers) and the same exit (the Vidal path). Between the two, you will enjoy a…

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  • Hiking and legends; Robion Mountain

    Hiking and legends Robion, one of the most characteristic mountains of Verdon. It rises to 1,660 meters, 950 meters above Castellane. A characteristic massif since rafting and canoe route from Castellane and ending at Pont de Soleil. Practically goes around the mountain of Robion on the right. In other thermal baths, one could say that…

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