In the “Our partners” category, you will find people who trust us and vice versa. Mutual trust in some ways!

Dedicated articles in the first place. Generally dedicated to sports activity providers who may also be foreign to Verdon.

In these articles, we have chosen to spend more time on one subject or another. So as to fully highlight these subjects. Trips to South Korea, a revolutionary application for playing sports with others.

In the category “Our partners” the article “With our friends is the adventure everywhere” you will find various shorter contacts but always sending you on their website.

  • How to go to Verdon Gorges

    The Gorges du Verdon are among the most beautiful and unusual landscapes in France. It is a place to visit at least once in its life and which will please everyone. Young and old, as the activities proposed on the spot are varied. In this article, we propose you a guide “How to go to…

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  • Thrills in Jingxi Grand Canyon, adventure in China

    In search of the best canyoning spots in the Guangxi region We advise adventurers to head to the town of Nanning for canyoning. It is the capital of the Guangxi region. This locality is home to the Jingxi Grand Canyon to which many gorges are attached. They are perfect grounds for canyoning. This adventure ends…

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  • Canyoning in south Korea, Canoeing and Hiking

    Canyoning in South Korea: moments of adventure and change of scenery. Experience one of your most beautiful moments of adventure while canyoning in South Korea. This outdoor sport will allow you to admire the splendor and diversity of the South Korean landscape. Discover the natural spaces of this region and relax on its magnificent paradisiacal…

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  • With the PoteSport app, finish the sport on your own!

    We are already in October, the season is over and the equipment put away until spring 2021 .. It is high time to take over the Verdon Xp blog! What are you going to do now that there is no more rafting in the Verdon? Well you will find friends to play sports without us!…

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  • Rafting in the Aude Gorges, Pyrénées Orientales

    Aude, a varied destination The Aude is a river located in the Occitanie region. It rises in the Pyrenees Orientales, at 1700 meters above sea level. It flows two hundred kilometers further into the Mediterranean Sea, at the Fleur huts, not far from Narbonne. All along its route, wild parts ideal for fishing will follow…

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  • With our friends, adventure is everywhere

    Adventure travel! By visiting our friends during a road trip, you certainly make the choice to enhance your vacation with quality activities and adventures Our friends for adventure in Europe   France Here is some info and good addresses to enjoy the adventure in France in as many places as possible. come from us!  …

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