Our activities, “Rafting Verdon Gorges“, are done by a state-certified guide who will give you all the needed instructions, lead the vessel and assure your security during the activity. The rafting is done in a vessel suitable for 6-8 people. It is the ideal watersport to discover the Verdon Canyon family style or with a group of friends. You can choose to do sportive or contemplative loops.


Many courses are available (1 and a half hours, 2 and a half hours, 3 and a half hours, full-day)

Meeting is at our base on ZA route de Grasse 04120, Castellane.

Castellane-Pont de Soleils

• 2h30 – 55€/pers

Rafting Verdon Gorges 2h30 – Start from Castellane. A dynamic course canoeing, but accessible for everyone on rafting. Beautiful landscapes with some rapids to increase your adrenaline.


• 1h30 – 45€/pers

Rafting Verdon Gorges 1h30 – The same course, but slowing down in the rapids of St Jean. Attention, in July and August this course is only done in early afternoon when the water level allows it.

Chasteuil-Point Sublime

• 2h30 – 60€/pers

Rafting Verdon Gorges 2h30 – Point Sublime. The most picturesque of all courses since it allows to capture the first kilometers of the Verdon Canyon.
Attention, once you have arrived to the destination, by the viewpoint of Samson, you have to carry the vessel to the parking lot over an area with some altitude, therefore some level of strength is needed for this activity.

Castellane-Point Sublime

• 3h30 – 65€/pers

Rafting Verdon Gorges 3h30 – Full course that allows you to discover the magnificent Verdon Canyon. Arrival is the same as the former courses and it is also necessary to carry the vessel at the end. NOT IN JULY AND AUGUST.

Castellane-Point Sublime

• Journée – 70€/pers

Rafting Verdon Gorges full day – The same unabridged course with a midday rest. Your lunch will be packed waterproof and you will be able to pack any other accessories. NOT IN JULY AND AUGUST.

Haut Verdon

• Demi-journée – 50€/pers
• Journée – 70€/pers

During Spring season and when water level allows it, we navigate over the wonderful courses of the Higher Verdon. After an hour of transportation from Castellane, we arrive over the alpine scenery of the Higher Verdon. After the river, you will discover an exceptional landscape second to none.


After getting your equipment at the base, our driver will take you to the starting point and pick you up as well.
Before embarking, the guide will teach you how to secure yourself and use your paddle. The guide will coordinate handling your equipment while the descent. The guide will also show you the security measures.

Rafting and the environment

We will always avoid contact with the bottom of the river and will minimize our impact to the environment. During navigation, no problem, there will be no impact on the environment.
Attention, we are located in the geological reserve of High Provence, it is prohibited to take fossils from rocks!