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canoe verdon

Our activitie « Canoe Verdon Gorges » is accompanied by a state-diplomated guide who provides you with all the necessary instructions while assuring your security in the water, you are on your own single or double inflatable kayak perfectly adaptable to the gorges course. The rapids of the Verdon are yours! Sport and awesome sensations are guaranteed!
2 and a half hours of activities and we take care of bringing you back to the start point.


• 50€ / pers. Duration : 2h30

More courses are available.
Castellane-Pont de Soleil
Start from Castellane. Evolving course where each person can learn the basics before embarking on the rapids of Porte St Jean…
Pont de Soleils-Pont Sublime
Super course that can be done until the beginning of July when the dam is closed. The gentle waters allow for a nice ride on single canoes.
In the Spring, when the water level allows it, we can also do a wonderful course along the High Verdon.
Meeting point in our base ZA, Grasse route, Castellane.


After equipping you at our base, our driver will bring you to the starting points. Our guides will instruct you on how to maneuver the vessel and will show you the necessary techniques to ensure your safety in case of “disembarking”.

The two-person canoe may seem more appealing to some, but remember that they are longer and sometimes more difficult to maneuver. For this type of canoe, it is recommended that one person has prior experience in this kind of equipment.

For the single-person canoe is much more handy and easier to maneuver and is more accesible for peoiple without prior experience. However, this watersport is more sportive than rafting. You will not be in an opened vessel and your arms will feel heavier when it’s time for the apéritif!

Canoe Verdon Gorges and the environment

We will make sure to avoid contact with the bottom of the river and will minimize our impact in the environment. If you have a plastic bottle of water, make sure you keep it in your vessel; it will end in the trash at the end of your adventure.