Our activity Aqua Trekking Verdon Gorges


The Aqua Trekking Verdon Gorges is accompanied by a state-certified guide. He will equip you, give you the necessary instructions and ensure your safety during the activity.

Also known as Aqua Trekking and Aqua-Rando, this is the only activity that allows you to explore the Grand Canyon du Verdon.

Equipped with a neoprene suit, a helmet and a life jacket, you are your own boat and move along the rapids in very low water flow.

The numerous jumps will bring a good dose of adrenaline to the most daring. For the others, no problem, jumps are never mandatory.

randonnée aquatique verdon

Half Day Trip // Super Easy

• 50€ / pers.
Half day

Aqua Trekking Verdon Gorges half day, an accessible course for everyone! Ages 7 to 77. Very short hikes and small slopes. One and a half hour in the turquoise waters admiring the high cliffs of the Grand Canyon. Jumps are never compulsory!
Our first trip at 10:30 allows you to enjoy a sunny environment inside the canyon.

Meeting is at our base on ZA route de Grasse 04120, Castellane.

Full Day Trip // Only for the braves

• 75€ / pers.
1 Day

Aqua trekking Verdon Gorges full day, the must do of the Verdon! Your guide invites you to explore the most unusual sections of the Grand Canyon from the passage of l’Estellier towards the Imbut. Your lunch is waterproofed packed and you can also carry other personal items safely. Four hours of swims and jumps (never compulsory) plus two hours hikes (300m of negative slope on the way in and 350m positive slope on the way back). Course reserve to more sportive types.

Meeting point is at parking of Hotel du Grand Canyon (D-71) between Aiguines and the Pont de l’Artuby.

2 days Full Day Trip // Only for the super braves!

• 150€ / pers.
2 Days

The Big Must of Verdon! Reserved for the most athletic! The most beautiful aquatic activity in the Verdon. In continuation of the Rando Journée. After the Imbut, the two cliffs fall directly into the water; The Verdon Secret! Discover the Grand Canyon of the Verdon in its wildest part over two days which will take you from the Estellier to la Colle de l’Olivier.

Accommodation not included.

Meet at La Colle de l’Olivier, on the D952.

Deconstruction of a jump
The three phases

Ludovic Boury alias “Ludo” who  operated with us in 2019, shows us here the three phases to make a perfect jump; Stable start, Control in space and Sheathed body on arrival.

Aqua Trekking Verdon Gorges and the natural environment

We are concerned about the environment and each year we follow all the measures to minimize our impact in the Verdon Natural Park.
Before starting the adventure, our guide will instruct you on the ways to minimize your impact in your surroundings, like not stepping on the bottom of the river and swimming as much as possible to avoid contact with the benthic zone. They will also inform you of the areas where it is prohibited to step on where numerous invertebrates live.
A new world will open in front of your eyes!