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In Castellane, we practice rafting in a magnificent river; the Verdon, bordered by the biggest Canyon in Europe. Welcome to Verdon Regional Natural Park! All our aquatic activities; Water Trekking, Air Boat Kayaking and Rafting are securely managed and monitored by Cyril, professional state-diplomated guide who will provide you with all the proper equipment following all European security regulations.


Equally designed by the therms “Randonnée aquatique” and “Aqua-Rando”, this is the one activity that will allow you to explore the Verdon Grand Canyon. Within your neoprene suit, you are your own vessel among the not so gentle rapids of water.


Accompanied by a state-diplomated guide who provides you with all the necessary instructions while assuring your security in the water, you are on your own single or double inflatable kayak perfectly adaptable to the gorges course. The rapids of the Verdon are yours! Sport and awesome sensations are guaranteed!


The raft is a vessel that accommodates 6 to 8 people, guided by a state-diplomaed instructor who equally assures your security in the water. This activity is ideal to discover the Verdon with family and friends, from sportive to contemplative levels of rapids, it’s your choice!


• 70€ / pers.
All day

The must do of the Verdon! Your guide invites you to explore the most unusual sections of the Grand Canyon from the passage of l’Estellier towards the Imbut. Your lunch is waterproofed packed and you can also carry other personal items safely. Four hours of swims and jumps (never compulsory) plus two hours hikes (300m of negative slope on the way in and 350m positive slope on the way back). Course reserve to more sportive types.
Meeting point is at parking of Hotel du Grand Canyon (D-71) between Aiguines and the Pont de l’Artuby.


• 40€ / pers.
Half day

An accesible course for everyone! Ages 6 to 77. Very short hikes and small slopes. One and a half hour in the turquoise waters admiring the high cliffs of the Grand Canyon. Jumps are never compulsory!
Meeting point is in front off Camping de Carajuan on route D952.


• 45€ / pers.



• 2h30 – 45€ & 55€ / pers.

• 1h30 – 35€ / pers.

Rafting is the perfect way to enjoy the Verdon family style. Two journeys; 2 hours 30 mins and 1 hour 30 mins
In the Spring, when water levels allow it, we also navigate whith rafting over the magnificent course of the High (Haut) Verdon. After finishing, we will transport you back to the point of origin.
Meeting point is at parking of Restaurant les Terrasses de la Salaou, on the Gorges road (D-952) at the exit of Castellane

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Hiking and legends; Robion Mountain

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Bungee jumping on the Artuby Bridge, 182m

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We will provide you the best and most reliable equipment for both comfort and safety. So, let’s go!


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Cyril Laurent - guide professionnel diplômé d'étatYour guide:  Cyril Laurent finished his studies in geography in Seville in 1997, that same year he started his first season as a guide in the Verdon river. Simultaneously, he is also a professional musician (saxophonist) and video editor. Globetrotter for eternity, he knows the Verdon is one of the best places to live and enjoy in the summertime. He cares very much for the environment and for safety rules and he will make sure to guide you in a humble and friendly way while having lots of fun!

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