Canyoning Verdon! It was imperative to assign a chapter to this sporting discipline, which is particularly popular in the south-east of France, for us! In fact, with the Eastern Pyrenees, these are the two regions in France that offer the most canyoning routes. So if you are passing through the region, let yourself be tempted by the activity. Initiation or improvement, there is something for everyone!

Unlike Aquatic Hiking, canyoning uses rope techniques like climbing. You will therefore be armed with a harness that will allow you to abseil along the waterfalls. Indeed, depending on the height, the basins are not always deep enough to be able to jump.

Verdon Xp does not offer this activity but will refer you to a quality provider.

Canyoning verdon? We have the solution!

  • Verdon canyoning courses, closest to Castellane

    Verdon Canyoning courses less than two hours’ drive around Verdon: water adventures at your fingertips Verdon canyoning courses are nestled in the heart of Provence. Straddling the departments of Alpes Maritimes (06), Var (83) and Alpes de Haute Provence (04). If you’re looking for thrills and water exploration near the Verdon, look no further. This…

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  • Canyon of Saint-Auban, Canyoning Verdon

    In the discipline “Canyoning Verdon”, the Canyon of Saint-Auban is very popular. Indeed, it is located at only 40 minutes drive from Castellane. It is generally practiced for half a day. Nevertheless, it is a step more difficult than the canyon of Haut-Jabron. It is a very playful canyon with a succession of zip lines,…

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  • Haut-Jabron canyon, initiation canyoning

    The Haut-Jabron canyon is THE initiation canyon of the Verdon. Its ease of access and its lower difficulty make it a very attractive canyon for guides and groups coming from Castellane. Have you never participated in this activity? Or do you want to introduce your children? The Haut-Jabron canyon is the canyon you need to…

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  • Canyoning Verdon Gorges, the Mainmorte ravine

    We are actually talking about Canyoning Gorges du Verdon since the Mainmorte Canyon ends directly in the Grand Canyon du Verdon. It is reached from the spectacular Route des Crêtes in La Pallud-sur-Verdon. Taken by our friends Sébastien, canyon guide we made this adventure in … 2001, maybe 2002 .. The memory remains indelible almost…

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  • Canyoning in the Ravine of Venascle, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

    I don’t have to introduce you anymore Christophe, my canyon guide friend with whom we have already discovered the Val d’Angouire canyon. This time he is going to a tributary of the latter; the famous Vénascle ravine. A canyon very rarely in water. But thanks to the rainy spring of this year, there is enough…

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  • Angouire valley, canyoning in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

    This morning, it’s 9:30 am and I enjoy my coffee with a chocolate bread on the terrace of the “Tourisme”, an institution of the village where the outdoor professionals like to meet. Christophe, a canyoning guide friend is passing by. “Say, I’m going to do a canyon, the Angouire valley in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, are you coming…

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