Natural environments of the Verdon. The region which imprints the name of the Emerald River has an exceptional landscape. The fauna and flora are rich and very present. Region of the Verdon Regional Park is staged over almost 1500 meters of vertical drop. It also benefits from a climate with mountain and Mediterranean influences.

A region which shelters a unique but also fragile flora. There are endemic species and several dozen orchids. On a territory covered to 40% by the forest, one can observe no less than 2200 plant species. Or a third of what can be found on French territory.

Natural environments also present a diverse fauna both on land and in the air. There are around fifty species of mammals including deer and some felines. The population of saurians and bats is not left out either.

  • Verdon Wings: an extraordinary aerial ballet

    Verdon Wings. With its towering cliffs, deep gorges and emerald river, the region offers an ideal habitat for a multitude of birds. More than 200 species have been recorded in this natural paradise, offering nature lovers an extraordinary aerial spectacle. Verdon Wings – Vultures Among the majestic birds of prey that dominate the skies, the…

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  • Benthic Fauna of Verdon

    The benthic fauna of the Verdon designates all the organisms living on or near the bottom of this river. This fauna is particularly diversified and complex. It plays an important role in the aquatic ecosystem of a river. Census in the Verdon The Verdon is home to a wide variety of benthic species. Ranging from…

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  • The Grand Canyon du Verdon, the largest canyon in Europe

    The Grand Canyon du Verdon is inseparable from the river that flows through it; The Verdon Along the Verdon The Verdon, this emerald river which makes so much dream. From the Col d’Allos where it has its source to the Var commune of Vinon-sur-Verdon, where it flows into the Durance, the Verdon covers about 170km….

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  • Allos lake, the largest mountain lake in Europe

    Discovering Allos lake. Where to find this gem of Haut-Verdon? It is in the Alpes de Hautes-Provence and more precisely in the Mercantour Natural Park, that you can discover this natural wonder whose reputation is well established. Allos Lake is the largest high altitude lake in Europe. It stands supreme in the Mont Pelat massif,…

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  • Rafting and flora of the Verdon observed

    To practice a white water activity like rafting on the Verdon is also to discover its flora. In fact, more than 2,000 plant species have been identified in the territory of the PNRV. This represents a third of the number of species that can be found in France. The territory of the Verdon Natural Park…

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  • Saint Maurin, the regional nature reserve

    The regional natural reserve of Saint Maurin The reserve measures over 25 hectares. It overlooks the right bank of the Verdon, just a few kilometers from the second largest artificial lake in France; Sainte Croix. A site formed on the slopes of several terraces of natural meadows and tuff deposits. Finally, many resurgences emerge from…

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  • Vultures Fawn and Monk vultures of the verdon

    In the Verdon, when the weather is good, it is almost impossible not to see vultures flying in the sky. And as the weather is very often good… Take a walk in the area of Point Sublime or from the first viewpoints of the Route des Crètes. You can also see them very well from…

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