Mountain biking in the Verdon is really quite a program!

What a joy to indulge in Cycling in this region. Asphalt lovers already have something to get away from it all with the Gorges route, the Allos pass and many other interesting routes.

Regarding mountain biking, two of the most beautiful long courses in France intersect in Castellane. La Transverdon and the Chemins du Soleil. In addition, there are many shorter routes departing from Castellane and Saint André-les-Alpes.

Attention, we are in the Alpes de Haute Provence, it is the mountain! This means that it goes up strongly and that it goes down just as much. That’s why plan to be physically fit and come equipped with the right machine. For the others there is always the VTTAE.

Finally, in summer, unless you leave at daybreak, it is very hot for pedaling, much too hot! In conclusion; spring and autumn with its magnificent colors are more suitable for mountain biking.

  • VTT FFC Verdon Gorges – From the Sources to the Gorges

    Nestled in the heart of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, the VTT FFC Verdon Gorges from the springs to the gorges offers an exceptional playground for off-road enthusiasts. 650 kilometers of marked trails and 51 circuits for all levels. This FFC-certified mountain biking site promises unforgettable adventures for mountain bikers of all horizons. VTT FFC Verdon gorges…

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  • E-MTB in the verdon

    E-MTB in the Verdon. Yes, but what is the E-MTB? Introducing the E-MTB The E-MTB, or electrically-assisted mountain bike, is a mountain bike equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider during propulsion. This type of bike is becoming increasingly popular, as it enables cyclists to enjoy their outings in the great outdoors without…

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  • VTT-FFC of Provence Verdon, the site

    Welcome to the VTT-FFC of Provence Verdon! We are pleased to present you an exceptional setting for your mountain bike trips on the Verdon territory. A concept which changes from the big crossings mentioned in other articles. Indeed, the VTT-FFC Provence Verdon website offers many loops that develop with each other. No need of shuttle…

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  • Bike Park and Pump Track in Val d’Allos

    To discover the Allos Bike Park and the Allos Pump Track, you need a good hour’s drive from Castellane. Direction Haut Verdon, you go up the river and you arrive at the highest village in the valley; Allos. At the gates of the Mercantour National Park, Allos offers very good quality infrastructures and itineraries for…

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  • The chemins du Soleil, Sisteron-Castellane-Nice

    The Chemins du Soleil, a name that fills with meaning since in a north-south direction, this route actually leads you towards the Mediterranean sun. Labeled by the French Cycling Federation, this course extends over more than 1000 km. And even more than 1,200 km from Thonon-les-Bains. It crosses the French Pre-Alps and offers two routes…

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  • Transverdon with MTB. Allos pass to Gréoux-les-bains

    The transverdon with MBT The Transverdon, only for the braves !! 3 – 2 – 1 – GO !! to your bikes !! 260 km, certified by the French Cycling Federation, La Transverdon is one of the 10 largest mountain bike crossings in France! The route begins at the sources of Verdon, met at the…

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  • The pass of Lèques, departure of mountain bike circuits

    The pass of Lèques. We have chosen to present you today some mountain bike tours starting from this magnificent pass. The pass of Lèques culminates at 1146 meters of altitude, it dominates Castellane on the N85 leading to Digne-les-Bains. It is also the starting point for a cultural excursion, that of the Sirenians.   The…

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