The pass of Lèques, departure of mountain bike circuits

The pass of Lèques. We have chosen to present you today some mountain bike tours starting from this magnificent pass. The pass of Lèques culminates at 1146 meters of altitude, it dominates Castellane on the N85 leading to Digne-les-Bains. It is also the starting point for a cultural excursion, that of the Sirenians.


The ascent to the pass of Lèques

Two choices are offered to you;

The most courageous will go up from Castellane by riding their bike. They will face a difference in altitude of 428 meters over a distance of 9 kilometers. Enough to warm up the calves. It is not recommended to do this itinerary at 2pm in the middle of summer or you will end up dried out like a prune.

The others will organize a shuttle system to arrive at the top of the pass without getting too tired. Once there, you can always enjoy the view on the valley. You can also have a drink on the terrace of the Sirenes campsite, it is also possible to eat there before the activity. Remember to reserve if you want to eat there in the evening.

Then comes the time of the adventure, are the bikes ready? Helmets on the head, patches or a spare inner tube are packed in the backpack.


The descent from the pass of Lèques

We mount our bike and we leave on the left (coming from Castellane). Then we cross the hotel complex and its ground of tenis to the abandonment. One continues always on this track in direction of the telephone relay. To note that for the most lazy, we can also continue by car on this track. The economy made in legs is paid then in shock absorber of car.

After two kilometers of track, a first junction leaves on the left between two iron bars. This track brings you back to the beginning of the ascent of the pass of Lèques. We will pay attention to the trees that have fallen in the middle before arriving at a farm. A very wild route, which is apparently not used by any four-wheeled vehicle. The farm seems to have remained a prisoner of the past centuries.

Another route; From the track coming from the pass, continue for another two kilometers after the first junction described above. This time you reach a track that takes you through a valley and back to Brayale. From there, you can go down to Castellane in the direction of the road of the gorges. An excellent route!


Villars Brandis

Finally, if you continue this track from the pass in the direction of Cadières de Brandis, you have this time the possibility to go down to Villars Brandis. For my part, I appreciated less this route. Indeed, it imposes some portages (always a little frustrating to have to carry your bike to go down, especially when you sweated a lot before to go up). Moreover, you will meet three patous (imposing Pyrenean shepherds), which is always a bit stressful. According to a friend who lives there, they are as adorable as cuddly toys. Well, you have to let them approach to realize it.

Have a nice trip!

The Funny Helmets.