Canyoning in the Ravine of Venascle, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

I do not present you anymore Christophe, my friend guide of Canyon with whom we have already discovered the canyon of Val d’Angouire. This time he is leaving for a tributary of the latter; the famous Venascle ravine. A canyon very rarely in water. But with this year’s rainy spring


Approach and organization

We therefore leave at 8:30 am from Castellane because for the past few days the weather has been turning to a thunderstorm in the early afternoon. It is never advisable to take the rain in the middle of a narrow area.

To complete our last adventure, we decided to take two cars this time. To make a shuttle between the gîte de Vénascle and Moustiers Sainte-Marie. This saves the two and a half hours of walking done the previous week.

Bags on the back, we are ready and start to look for departure from the route of a kilometer and a half offered by the Raven of Vénascle. The latter is not easy to find, we have turned back several times to find this departure that nothing indicates.


Progression in the Canyon of the ravine of Venascle

We change quickly and Christophe who is already growling (I laugh at him :))) “Hurry up, it’s covered!” We cover 50 meters before setting the first reminder and already, the decor is planted. A long narrow line interspersed with small reminders. Even if it only involves a jump, I have the impression that this route is more fun than that of Val d’Angouire. The anchors are not as new there but they held! Several passages under waterfalls, don’t forget the hood!

The end of the route makes some downhill climbing compulsory. Two to three meters at most but which will not be easy for the less resourceful, we will be careful not to slip … Then on arrival, we reach the Val d’Angouire which today is very water. Undoubtedly too much to be able to browse it serenely.

A 40-minute walk is necessary to return to the highest car park in Moustiers, it is recommended to follow the red paint marks at the start so as not to get lost and join the botanical path.


The Funny Helmets.