Saint Maurin, the regional nature reserve

The regional natural reserve of Saint Maurin

The reserve measures over 25 hectares. It overlooks the right bank of the Verdon, just a few kilometers from the second largest artificial lake in France; Sainte Croix. A site formed on the slopes of several terraces of natural meadows and tuff deposits. Finally, many resurgences emerge from the cliff in spring or in rainy weather. From departmental 952, you can see an imposing fall. You will find there ready the only place for automobile, such as a garage cut in the rock. Another solution is to park your vehicle at the Col de l’Olivier. Then come on foot via the fishermen’s path.


The Riches of Saint Maurin

Geological riches (tuffs, resurgences …), flora (priority habitats of community interest) but also fauna (insect, avifauna, bat), allow an interesting educational approach both overhanging and below the road. Water, plants and animals; A perfect ecosystem for humans. With its dominant position, the site also presents an important defensive asset.


A centuries-old human settlement

In the middle of the Gorges du Verdon, Saint Maurin offers a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere where people came to settle a long time ago. Indeed, the occupation of these places could date back to the 5th century with a religious installation based at the Abbey of LERINS. Later, Saint Maurin appears in the 9th century in acts of the Abbey of St VICTOR. Finally, the troglodyte arrangements of several caves are still visible. They confirm the use of this site until recent times and participate in the magic already present.


Visit The Saint Maurin reserve

Being accompanied by a professional will help you appreciate the riches of this very secret site.
The guides or guides in the middle mountains who operate on the site are approved by the Maison des Gorges du Verdon. Also, they must be declared to the PNRV.
Since October 2009, the Saint Maurin site has been classified as a Regional Nature Reserve and co-managed by the municipality of La Palud sur Verdon and the C.E.E.P (Conservatoire, Etudes des Ecosystèmes de Provence)
Access to the public is free but regulated: Pedestrian traffic is only authorized on marked trails, picking, swimming, bivouac and fire are strictly prohibited.