Canyon of Saint-Auban, Canyoning Verdon

In the discipline “Canyoning Verdon”, the Canyon of Saint-Auban is very popular. Indeed, it is located at only 40 minutes drive from Castellane. It is generally practiced for half a day. Nevertheless, it is a step more difficult than the canyon of Haut-Jabron. It is a very playful canyon with a succession of zip lines, slides and jumps up to 8 meters. The canyon of Saint-Auban owes its name to the nearby village of Saint-Auban itself, located in the middle of the Parc Naturel des Préalpes d’Azur.) It could just as well have been called the Estéron canyon, after the river that runs through it.


Practical information about the Canyon of Saint-Auban

Start altitude; 1016 meters – Finish altitude; 901 meters – difference in altitude; 115 meters – length; 1000 meters

Highest waterfall; 20 meters – Minimum 20 meters of single rope – Rope abseiling, rescue rope…

Time; about 3 hours – approach walk; 3 minutes and 30 minutes on the way back

ATTENTION, the canyon is only open from April 1 to October 31, on the following days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This course is regulated by prefectural decree.


Geographical location of the Canyon of Saint-Auban

The Canyon de Saint-Auban is located in the commune of Saint-Auban in the Alpes-Maritimes (06) in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. From Castellane, you can get there by the departmental road D4085 in the direction of Grasse. When you arrive at La Bâtie, turn left on the departmental road D452 also called “Route de la rivière”. At the junction with the departmental road D2211, it becomes the “Route de Saint-Auban”, just follow it to the end!  At the entrance of the village, you have to park at the bridge which marks the beginning of the clue.


Approach walk

Once parked, you will have to cross the bridge, the canyon is polluted, go along the road and pass the tunnel before finding the canyon. Indeed, the canyon is often polluted under the bridge. Count on about three minutes of walking.


Progression in the Saint-Auban Canyon

The moment of the equipment comes then of the engagement in the canyon. After a first slide and some jumps, we arrive on a first narrowness. This last one leads to a magnificent turquoise basin. At this point a 30 meters long zip line can be installed with a very aquatic final! Then comes a new narrow passage which is followed by a beautiful abseiling in waterfall.


Back to

Two solutions, the “motorized” solution and the “walking” solution.

Motorized solution; It is possible to place at least one vehicle at the arrival then to make several shuttles to recover the other participants.we follow an old channel before finding a small way which leads us to the D.2211. Then one regains then the departure by the road.

Non-motorized solution or pedestrian solution; After the efforts made during the day, a little or a little less… You will just have to follow the same way as for the motorized solution, but with your legs!


In conclusion

We spent an excellent half-day and we want more! No problem, there are always our great Rando-Aqua courses. Half day or full day, sporty or not, there is something for everyone!