Teillon hike, the summit of the middle Verdon

The hike to Teillon, the summit of the Middle Verdon, brings you to 1893 meters. It is the border between the Parc Naturel Régional des Préalpes d’Azur and the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon. The Teillon is also called the Mountain of the Four Terms. In reference to the four markers that delimit the four communes surrounding the mountain; Soleilhas, Peyroules, La Garde and Demandolx.

We propose you not less than 2 itineraries to reach the summit. One from La Garde to the southwest of the summit and the other from Soleilhas to the northeast of the summit.

The Teillon hike from La Garde

The Teillon hike from La Garde is a medium difficulty hike. A thousand meters of positive difference in altitude all the same. It will take you about four hours to cover the ten kilometers of this hike. This itinerary offers magnificent views of the Mercantour and the Pre-Alps of Dignes.

From Castellane, you take the direction of Grasse on the D4085. When you arrive in La Garde at 926 meters of altitude, you have to turn left (in front of the Auberge du Teillon) shortly after the intersection with Eoulx on the right.  Park your car and take the direction of Chapelle Saint Martin. Once arrived at the chapel, you take left towards the ravine of the gravel pits. Thereafter, we continue to go up then we leave behind us the zone of undergrowth to enter on the zone of alpine pasture always higher in altitude.

We arrive then at a sheepfold which generally remains open before going straight to the top. To return, to take carefully the same way in opposite direction.


The Teillon hike from Soleilhas

Be careful, this route is reserved for experienced hikers. Indeed, at the beginning, the lack of markings, even the lack of path make it preferable to be experienced before venturing on this route.

The departure is from the cemetery of Soleilhas. We take a small path bordered by a stone wall on the right which leaves towards a house at a few tens of meters. Once at the level of the house, we take the direction of a ruin covered with vegetation. At this place, we turn to the left and we go down towards the brook. After crossing the stream, the path disappears again. A l’aventure coute que coute! la bartasse! Climb the hill just upstream. Once up there, you are saved! Indeed, you will find the orange marks as well as the path which will take you to the flat of “La Guinchée”.

Then, the orange markers give way to cairns (small piles of stones generally used to mark a passage) which lead to the sheepfold.

From the sheepfold, it is again necessary to use one’s imagination. The best solution is to aim at the ridge in front and follow it to the summit. On the way back, we will take care not to get lost by taking the same path as on the way out.

The Teillon hike, superb view from the summit

From the summit, you can see Castellane, the mountains of Verdon and the lake of Castillon

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