Canyoning in south Korea, Canoeing and Hiking

Canyoning in South Korea: moments of adventure and change of scenery.

Experience one of your most beautiful moments of adventure while canyoning in South Korea. This outdoor sport will allow you to admire the splendor and diversity of the South Korean landscape. Discover the natural spaces of this region and relax on its magnificent paradisiacal beaches.


Canyoning in South Korea and discovering National Parks

While canyoning in South Korea, you will surely discover natural sites of the country which also offer possibilities for hiking. Among the most popular are, among others, Dadohaehaesang National Park. This one is located in the province of Jeollanam-do and is characterized by its surprisingly rich biodiversity. In addition, while trekking in these places, you will encounter a wide variety of mammals and birds. You will certainly see some endangered species there like orchids and some very rare coral species as well.

Dadohaehaesang is also home to paradisiacal islands where you can indulge in various seaside activities.

Seoraksan National Park is also a must-see address in South Korea. On site, you will admire an imposing bronze statue of Buddha and the Sinheungsa temple. Don’t forget to visit Gwongeumseong Fortress.


Set sail for the volcanic island of Jeju for a change of scenery

Continue your moments of adventure on the volcanic island of Jeju where you will see the country’s highest point, Mount Hallasan. Be aware that it rises to over 1,900 m altitude and gives you the opportunity to indulge in hiking. Finally, on the spot, you will be dazzled by the presence of unusual caves, rock formations and waterfalls. This is why this trip to South Korea will allow you to discover the fascinating tourist peculiarities of Jeju.

While strolling on its beaches for example, you will not fail to meet women named “Haenyeo”. The latter dive to a depth of 10 meters to collect shellfish without diving tanks. Note that some of them are over 80 years old. Finally, in this place, you will also have the opportunity to see some very rare species such as the leopard cat and the green turtle.

Canoeing on South Korea’s beautiful rivers

Canoeing is one of the activities to do while traveling in South Korea. This Asian country is home to rivers suitable for this entertainment, like the Hantan. Note that this one is located in the provinces of Gangwon-do. On board your boat, you set off to explore Bidulginang Falls, which is located in the heart of lush vegetation.

Take advantage of your visit to Gangwon-do to visit Namiseon, an artificial island known for its extraordinary landscapes. Continue your original prestige voyage in South Korea on the Naerincheon and Han rivers. 514 km long, the latter crosses the captivating city of Seoul, it originates in the Kumgang massifs. As you navigate, admire the modernity of the South Korean capital. It all seems so fascinating. It will be the moment to take pictures in memory of your passage.