Canoe-kayak, Canoe-Raft in the Verdon Gorges

Several names for the same discipline

Canoe, Canoe-Kayak, Canoe-Raft, Kayak-raft… Again, multiple terms that denote the same activity. Before describing it in more detail, we will dwell on its ancestor; kayaking, in order to fully understand the advantages of this new activity.

Disadvantages of rigid kayaking

The “rigid” kayak, “queen” boat on the river, requires several days of learning before being able to descend a river with a level of difficulty equal to or greater than that of the Verdon.

Indeed, a beginner must learn to “heel” his boat. This is to be able to pass from a current zone to a counter current zone without capsizing his kayak. Once returned, you have to get out of the kayak, swim to bring it back to the edge, empty it … A very tiring operation that leaves everyone exhausted after the third repetition.

The advantages of the inflatable kayak

The Cano-Raft shattered this technical barrier. Indeed, this boat is practically not altered by the current-against-current passages and therefore does not require “cottage” or very little. In addition, in case of “desalting”, it is very easy to get back into this boat, sometimes even in the middle of the river. The Airboat Kayaking now allows any beginner to evolve on a medium difficulty course having never paddled before.

Canoe in the Verdon Gorges

Single or two-seater, these boats are built on the same model as the rafts; inflatable, light, resistant to all tests. Equipped with a self-draining system, you will not be cluttered by the excess water accumulated when crossing the rapids. In short, this is the boat you need to cross the Verdon in a sporty way. After handing over your equipment, your guide will teach you how to make your first descent of the Verdon by airboat kayaking. Do not worry, you will not be alone, your guide accompanies you throughout the route and also ensures your safety. Come and test this superb activity from April to October on the Verdon.


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