The exceptional setting of the restaurant hotel Grand Canyon du Verdon

On the D-71, at the place called “Falaises des Cavaliers”, between Comps and Aiguines, is the Hotel des Cavaliers or Hotel restaurant du Grand Canyon. The site of the Cavaliers is already fascinating by itself. The Grand Canyon du Verdon has at this level a characteristic narrowness which probably suggested the following legend. Cliffs of the right bank and those of the left bank being so close. It is said that in the past, riders could jump from one bank to the other with their mounts.

Opposite, you can see the Chalet de la Maline, which can be reached from the vertiginous route des Crêtes on the right bank.
Sometimes the guests of one or the other hotel throw sugars and spoons at each other from their respective terraces… or almost.

Perched on the edge of this cliff, the Logis de France Grand Canyon du Verdon hotel overlooks the bed of the emerald river by 300 meters. A unique natural setting on the territory of the Verdon Regional Natural Park. The ideal place to disconnect from the urban environment.

A comfortable Restaurant Hotel

14 rooms, a restaurant (we recommend the chef’s homemade foie gras) and a terrace with a breathtaking view. A bar and a spacious lounge are also available to guests. It is in this exceptional setting that Laurence and her team welcome you throughout the summer. What a pleasure to be able to taste the famous beer of the Gorges after a day of hiking. To take advantage of the breathtaking view on the Verdon river while the heat of the day is decreasing a little. Thus, at the end of the day, we find on this terrace the faces crossed earlier. A sort of meeting point for adventurers in a way.

The hotel opens only from March to November. Indeed, the winter season does not attract much public in the Verdon at this level. Only the springs of the emerald river are visited by people at the ski resort of the valley; La Foux d’Allos. The Hotel Restaurant du Grand Canyon is located much further down. In winter, it is the territory of the wild boars because there are always some acorns to taste in the ground and very few humans to disturb them.

History of the place

Before 1950, when the D71 road was built, there was only a modest hunters’ hut on the site of the hotel. Access was by foot through Canjuers. Once the road was completed, a bar-restaurant was built. Passers-by who were enjoying car tourism came to have a gourmet break during their excursions. In 1958, a certain Winston Churchill signed the guest book.

The hotel as it is today was built in the early 80’s. Sportsmen like Marc Pajot and Sébastien Loeb have come to admire the stars from the panoramic terrace, why not you? From this hotel, the Imbut trail begins. The start of the superb Aquatic Day hike, the most beautiful activity of the Verdon!