The Route des Cretes, Verdon Gorges

A route des Cretes generally offers magnificent views in a mountainous tourist region. The route des cretes des Gorges du Verdon – D23 is one of these and will not leave you indifferent.

The route des Cretes, Verdon Gorges (D23)

It was built and moved in large part by the inhabitants of La Pallud between 1948 and 1972. This road which follows an old mule track at a length of 23 km and a 100% tourist vocation. It has 14 lookouts that overlook the Verdon over a height that can exceed 700 meters above the river. A perfectly safe route but one that remains impressive even for those who are used to grandiose landscapes and alpine roads.

It travels clockwise in a camping-car, car, motorbike, or even bicycle. Although the electric bike is also a great alternative. Verdon E-Bike offers bikes very well adapted to the elevation encountered. It takes between 1:30 and 3:00 to travel the entire route. It is one way on 15 of the 23 km that make it up. From Jas d’Aire to Chalet de la Maline exactly. We will therefore pay close attention to the indications.

From the Escales and Carelle belvederes, you can admire climbers in climbing routes over 300 meters. Rougon scavengers generally spend the afternoon enjoying the rising winds created along the cliffs. We sometimes have the impression that they pass a few meters from us. At the very bottom you may see the “Aqua-Randonneurs” on the half-day route of the Samson corridor. From the Imbut belvedere, you will dominate the impressive chaos or rush into the Verdon and end the Aquatic Day Hike course

Access the D23 from the Alpes de Haute Provence

It is located in the municipality of La Pallud-sur-verdon. From Moustiers-Sainte-Marie; Follow the D952 towards Castellane and allow around 40 minutes for 20 km of road. From Castellane; Also follow the D952 towards Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and allow around 45 minutes for 25 km of road. About 800 meters after leaving La Pallud-sur-Verdon from Moustiers is the start; The Auberge des Crêtes.

It ends 23 km further on at the Hotel de Provence, still in the municipality of La Pallud-sur-Verdon. Please note, because of the risk of ice, the road is only open from April to the end of November. Only access to the Chalet de la Maline and access to the Carelle belvedere remain open all year round.

The Belvederes of the Route des Cretes

You might want to stop at each Belvedere, the view is so splendid. The Belvédère are equipped with barriers but we always pay attention to children. Remember that there may be people downstairs, it is strictly forbidden to throw stones. It is also not recommended to try to jump on the backs of vultures that pass by.

Belvédère de Trescaire – Belvédère de la Carelle – Belvédère de l’Escales – Belvédère de la dent d’Aire – Belvédère du Pas de la Baou – Belvédère – Belvédère du Tilleul – Belvédère de la gorge de Guegues – Belvédère des Glacières – Belvédère d ‘ Eycharme – Belvédère de Guegues – Chalet de la Maline – Belvédère de Maugué – Belvédère de l’Imbut – Belvédère Armanet – Belvédère de Baou Beni