Rancoumas belvedere, Verdon Gorges Hike

The Rancoumas belvedere is located on the edge of the Grand Canyon du Verdon. On the left bank, facing the first belvederes of the Route des Crètes. The point of view is exceptional. Beware of children and people subject to vertigo. The Rancoumas belvedere can only be reached with its legs. However, for the less courageous, equipped with a 4×4 vehicle. It is possible to take a track that starts from the D71 between Trigance and the Pont de l’Artuby. Which will considerably reduce the effort.

For the others, two routes are possible;

Rancoumas belvedere from Trigance, 5h30 for 943 meters of elevation

About 20 km of walking without much difficulty. You leave your vehicle at the entrance to the village of Trigance. You then follow the signs “Pont de Tusset”, “Rancumas”, to go through the Colle de Breis. 2h30 are necessary to arrive at the Tusset bridge. The return is via the Rancoumas belvedere before crossing the Colle de Breis again.

Rancoumas belvedere from Point Sublime / Rougon, 4h00 for 650 meters of vertical drop and 15 km of walking

We will linger a little longer on this course that we know better. Indeed, since Rougon, it is a great classic. The departure is from Point Sublime in particular. At the time of writing this article, we do not yet know exactly how this space will be managed in the summer of 2021. However, you will surely be able to leave your vehicle in a paid parking lot at the lookout point of the Sanson corridor. Just after the tunnel on the left when you come from Castellane or just before the tunnel on the right when you come from La Pallud and Point Sublime.

The path of the Lizard

You follow a small path that goes down into the forest. It is indicated by a small lizard and “Pont de Tusset“. We first descend by a pleasant path that crosses a forest of hundred-year-old oaks to the verdon. Watch out for a few “technical” passages. Above all, never cut between two loops, always follow the main path!

As you descend, you can hear more and more the Verdon, until you see magnificent turquoise pools on the right. In summer, except Tuesdays and Fridays (opening days of the dams), swimming is recommended!

From Pont de Tusset

100 meters further, you cross the magnificent medieval bridge called “Pont de Tusset”. It is also the start of the Aquatic Hiking course reserved for 6-8 year olds. You will not see the Verdon again until you arrive at the Belvédère de Rancoumas.

Be careful, it’s starting to rise! The hike is really starting to take on all its glory. Indeed, if in summer you passed a few people up to the Tusset bridge, there is a good chance that you will not see anyone up to the Rancoumas belvedere. You cross a particularly dense and shaded forest until you cross very close to Entreverges the track we mentioned in the introduction.

Finally, you go back down on your right towards the Verdon. You are no longer very far because you have probably already seen some indications. Once at the belvedere, take the time to walk along the crest a little to gain even more height above the Verdon.

And above all, do not drop the smartphone!