Hiking and legends; Robion Mountain

Hiking and legends

Robion, one of the most characteristic mountains of Verdon. It rises to 1,660 meters, 950 meters above Castellane. A characteristic massif since rafting and canoe route from Castellane and ending at Pont de Soleil. Practically goes around the mountain of Robion on the right. In other thermal baths, one could say that the mountain of Robion is located on the left bank of the course … From Castellane, behind the swimming pool, you take the small departmental road in the direction of Bourguet. You quickly come across the small yellow signs that mark the path to the summit of Robion. Allow around 4 hours to make the round trip.

In summer, it is recommended to start early to climb before the heat. From the summit a bright day, you can see the Mediterranean! Personally, I have never had this chance. It is also possible to make a loop by borrowing the ascent or the descent, the route known as “Tour de Robion”. From the village of Robion, on the route du Bourguet, you will also discover the chapel of Saint Trophime. An 18th century troglodyte chapel hanging on the mountain and dedicated to the first bishop of Arles.

Robion and the Knights Templar

Unless the legend has endured over the centuries in some secret circles. It was at the beginning of the twentieth century that the discovery of a parchment in Siberia awakened curiosity about the past “Templar” of the Verdon. Nevertheless, you can read this article on the legend of the treasure of the Knights Templar in the Verdon. The persecuted Templars carried their treasure from the east to the Verdon and hid it in the greatest secrecy. We then searched in the subfields of the castle of Valcros without success. It is also believed that the treasure can be found in an immense underground lake contained in Robion Mountain also called The Island of the Watchers.

Stop at the Moulin de Soleils Bakery on the road to Draguignan, the boss, passionate about this story is inexhaustible on the subject.


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