Days of rafting and water levels on the Verdon

Days of Rafting on the Verdon? Levels of water? Do you mean that there are days for rafting and days without rafting on the Verdon? The river is closed or? No, the flow is regulated by a dam .. It is the dam of Chaudanne which has this role, it regulates the flow of Verdon de Castellane to Lake Sainte Croix.

In the spring, EDF provides us with information on the flow of water the day before for the next day, knowing that the Saturday-Sunday of May and June are not normally turbined (dam closed). During this period, you will need to arm yourself with patience to know only the day before the activity that you can practice the next day. For fans of rafting and kayaking, it is always possible to go sailing on the Upper Verdon for an hour more.

In summer, this is somewhat different … Indeed, EDF ensures two days of releases per week in the months of July and August, which allows a little see coming … These days are Tuesday and Friday for the rafting and airboat kayaking. The remaining five days are open to the Aqua Trekking activity, day and half day. Now, from one year to the next, there can be big changes as evidenced by an article published this fall on the blog.

In fact, the accumulated snow reserves during the winter play an extremely important role in the number of days of water that we will have in summer. Heavy snowfall and cool spring weather fully contribute to the number of turbulent days in the summer.

The days of “closing” correspond to what is called the “reserved flow“. Indeed, EDF ensures the survival of the river by maintaining a minimum flow on closing days. The flow reserved is 3 cubic meters seconds all the year but passes to 1.5 cubic meters seconds from June 15th to September 1st.