Mount Chiran Astronomical Observatory

The Mount Chiran Astronomical Observatory now belongs to an association that welcomes you for an evening under the stars. The Mont Chiran observatory is located in the Verdon Regional Natural Park at 1905 meters above sea level.

Many of you contact us about the observatory. Unfortunately, we cannot give you more precise information. We are not the observatory! We do rafting!

Go to the Mount Chiran astronomical observatory

A good hour’s walk is necessary to get there. You will find on the observatory website the few hiking trails leading to it. It is also possible to access it in VIP class with the help of a 4×4, on request only. The helicopter and the mule are under study. For now, I can only guarantee that there will be a big price difference between the two. Better to practice walking while waiting.

There is no source at the top of Chiran, we collect rainwater. So remember to take water but bottles of mineral water are also for sale on site. Even in summer, the nights are cool, remember to bring warm clothes to better appreciate the night under the stars.


Evening program

The meal served at the Chiran Astronomical Observatory is like an introduction to observing the sky. It is an aperitif in some ways … Between dishes, we take advantage of the sunset, we also track down the green ray and the anti-twilight ark.

Night settles and then begin the real observations. Between constellations and nocturnal landscapes. We see for example the nearest lighthouses on the edge of the Mediterranean. But also the planets and galaxies. time is also attached to observing the Moon when it is present.

Joseph Mordelet, guardian and astronomer of the Chiran astronomical observatory will be able to fill you with information about this sky which he knows so well.


Astronomical observation and music at the Mount Chiran observatory

Tiphaine Sson, musician artist, complements the astronomer’s comments. Indeed, this seasoned improvisational musician punctuates Joseph’s interventions with improvisations on voice but also on piano and guitar. Sound and light like you’ve never seen before! Grandeur and simplicity. The instruments are available to all those who wish to add their stone to the improvisation.

During the full moon weeks, the light released by the latter prohibits observation of the sky. We take the opportunity to bring in musicians and organize concerts under the observatory’s dome.


The Funny Helmets