Rafting Provence, Canoe Provence and Aqua Trekking

Rafting Provence? Canoe Provence? With Verdon Xp & The Funny Helmets! Descend the Verdon, one of the most beautiful rivers in the region. The Verdon crosses one of the most famous canyons in Europe, 20 km long. Transparent waters heavily loaded with limestone which, under the Provence sun take on this exotic emerald color. The frame is set.

In this Alpine region, several rivers such as the Var, the Tinée or the Vésubie allow navigation. Rather seasonally, when the flow of the rivers takes advantage of the snowmelt or a few rains. The Verdon with its many dams givesthe possibility of allowing the sailing even at the height of summer.

Rafting Provence – Rafting Verdon

Come and taste the joys of our “Rafting Provence – Rafting Verdon” activity! You are 6 to 8 people in the raft. Equipped with a simple paddle, you will brave the rapids of the Emerald River. Don’t worry, it’s not your job to steer the ship. Indeed, a certified guide will embark with you and give you all the instructions. Ideal for family or friends. During the descent, we do not fail to make a few stops. The descent is thus embellished with several “aquatic activities” such as jumps or swimming in a rapid. Only for volunteers of course!

From 8 years old (40) €

Course 1h30 (40 €) – 2h30 (50 €) – 2h30 Point Sublime (55 €) – 3h30 (65 €) – day (70 €)


rafting sur le verdon avec verdon-xp


Canoe Provence – Canoe Verdon

The “Canoe Provence – Canoe Verdon” activity is aimed at the most athletic.
Indeed, this activity will be perfect for those who are afraid of getting bored in the Rafting activity. You are in control of your boat, equipped with a double paddle. Alone or in pairs, you face the tumults of the Verdon!

These are inflatable boats waiting for you. Indeed, the Verdon is a medium mountain river which presents more difficulties than a river where one generally uses plastic canoes. A certified guide will accompany you on the river after giving you all the necessary explanations.

Consult our “Canoe-Kayak” page. You will learn there why it may be easier to start with a single-seater. Even for beginners or beginners.

From 12 years (50€)



airboat kayaking verdon xp simple et double

Rafting Provence Impossible? Come and test the Aqua Trekking!

When the Chaudanne dam is closed, we go on an adventure in the Grand Canyon du Verdon. In low water flow, we swim in the river equipped with neoprene suits, helmets and life jackets. In a way, you are your own boat, even inside your wetsuit which will absorb the caresses made to the stones. For those who are apprehensive, no worries, jumps are never compulsory. Indeed, on a canyoning course, the jumps and abseils are imposed by the logic of the progression. However in Aquatic Trekking, we make a detour to find these jumps which remain an option.

Half-day Aqua Trekking

Accessible to everyone from 6 years old (40 €). Very easy and very easy to access route, little walking.

“Le Pont de Tusset” est le parcours adapté aux 6-8 ans. Un parcours très ouvert donc très ensoleillé. Les plus grands en ont aussi pour leur compte avec le superbe saut de la Salpêtrière. Un saut de plus de 6 mètres de haut que l’on peut refaire autant de fois que l’on veut.

Juste en aval se trouve le parcours classique demi-journée, ‘Le Couloir Samson”. Il renferme de formidables étroitures et des rapides un peu plus sportifs. Le retour se fait par les derniers tunnels du sentier Blanc-Martel.

Aqua Trekking Day

Reserved for the most athletic from 14 years (70 €). Sports course plus 2h walk with elevation gain.

The meeting point is in the parking lot of the Hotel du Grand Canyon, on the left bank, on the D71. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful adventure that we can offer in the Verdon. You need to be comfortable in the water and able to hike in the mountains for a day.


XXL Aquatic Hike over 2 days

Always reserved for the most athletic from 16 years old (150 €). Two-day sports course.

Two days of Aquatic hike to discover the cream of the Grand Canyon. The second day is a continuation of the first. That is to say from the Imbut to the Col de Oliviers. You can also choose to take a day off in the middle and make the trip over three days.


rando aqua journee avec verdon xp, imbut