Sports activities and outdoor sport in the Verdon

VERDON XP & The Funny Helmets offers exclusively water activities, especially white water activities. However, it is good to know that the Verdon valley offers multiple possibilities in nature sports and outdoor sports activities. Escape in the Verdon area!


Cycling, mountain biking & VTAE

Fifteen signposted routes starting from Castellane which is also the crossroads of the Routes du Soleil and the Transverdon (itinerary along the Verdon). Two mythical routes that require several days of expedition. Those who prefer road tours are also served since this mountainous region offers multiple possibilities. The road of the gorges which leads to Moustiers or the Col d’Allos for the most daring.

Even if we are only in the Pre-Alps, the relief remains demanding. Also, it is armed with a good physical shape that you will have to face the various courses decorated with stony ways. In order to lower the degree of difficulty, many people have joined the VTAE formula. With the same physical effort, the VTAE also allows you to cover much greater distances in the same time.



Hiking for some, trekking for others, the Verdon is a walker’s paradise. In summer, the frequentation is concentrated on the Grand Canyon where the Sentier Martel on the right bank and the Sentier de l’Imbut on the left bank allow to explore two thirds of it. Further up the valley, we enter the Mercantour National Park. The lake of Allos, the massif of the three bishoprics…  The rest of the year, you can enjoy the courses too exposed to the sun in summer.



Saint André les Alpes has a first class flying site, as a proof, it regularly organizes world cup rounds. If you have never flown before, no problem, you will always find an instructor at the sailing school to take you on a tandem flight.

The site of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie also offers similar activities.


Bungee jumping

The jump from the Artuby bridge! 182m! Unique in the region! Be careful, this activity is only available on weekends, beware, availability is very limited.
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Sports activities Ski

The resort of La Foux d’Allos dominates the Verdon valley since the Verdon river has its source near the Col d’Allos. 180 km of slopes are divided between la Foux d’Allos and Praloup when the link is open. A little below is the resort of Seignus. A more modest resort but with very good slopes capable of hosting international competitions.  This resort also has the advantage of being more accessible from the entrance of the valley.


Sports activities Climbing

The cliffs of the Grand Canyon du Verdon are famous all over the world. Patrick Edlinger, the famous climber was the best ambassador. The Grand Canyon includes climbing on the left bank as well as on the right bank on more than 25 km! There are more than 2500 voices among which several are more than 400 meters long. The quality of the limestone is said to be exceptional.


Sports activities Canyoning

We recommend that you embark with the Canyoning Sud-Est team. Mathieu will guide you through the great diversity of the canyons of the Verdon region. But also in the Alpes Maritimes department and more widely, in the whole south-east of France.

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