Aqua trekking day and water hiking day in the grand canyon of the verdon

Many guides (canyon and river) agree that the most beautiful hiking acivity of the Verdon is the one of which we will speak in this article; “The day”.
Everything happens on the left bank of the Verdon, the departure as the arrival. In a no man’s land located between Aiguines and the Artuby Bridge, on the D71, is the Auberge des Cavaliers,
the meeting point for all those who want to participate in the adventure.

After having tried the equipment (neoprene wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet),
the picnic is enclosed in a watertight container. Everyone loads his package in a canyoning bag specially adapted to the activity and we start for
forty minutes of walking on a “technical” path that takes us to ready 400 meters down, on the edge of the Verdon.

After a short break, we are already putting on the equipment and we left for an hour and a half – two hours of swimming in the riverbed.
We learn to use the current to orient ourselves on one side or the other, we test ourselves on small jumps in a scenery breathtaking;
turquoise water, very high cliffs .. Arrive the lunch break, usually on a small sunny beach. Then we leave for an hour and a half – two hours in the water.
Then will be linked higher jumps and more impressive in decorations always more fabulous.

The corridor then the Stix fast. And finally;
The Imbut (the funnel in Provençale). The river has found its way into a chaos of huge rocks and gives the impression of becoming underground.
It is at the bottom of this fairy cave that the more adventurous will go for the final big jump. We get lost on the Imbut beach enjoying the last rays of sun
(it leaves much earlier at the bottom of the canyon).

The bag on the back, it is left for the ascent! 400 meters of uneven, one hour of walking in a path made
very difficult by the use of time but currently under renovation at the time or wrote this article the-trail-of-Verdon.
A good final walk, some passages a little dizzying and we find the D71. It is by truck that we reach the Auberge des Cavaliers or your favorite guide will
invite you to have a drink on the panoramic terrace of the Hotel. Exhausted but happy, you will remember that day!