MTB tours from Le Col des Lèques to Castellane



Mountain bike circuits from Le Col des Lèques. Culminating at 1146 meters above sea level, the Col des Lèques overlooks Castellane on the N85 leading to Digne les Bains.

The climb

The bravest will climb from Castellane and face a vertical drop of 428 meters over a distance of 9 kilometers. Enough to heat the calves.

The others will organize a shuttle system to get to the top of the pass without getting too tired. Once there, you can still enjoy the view of the valley. You can also have a drink on the terrace of the Sirènes campsite. Then comes the moment of adventure.



We get on our bike and we go on the left (coming from Castellane). We cross the hotel complex, the tennis court … Towards the telephone relay.

After two kilometers of track, a first branch goes to the left between two iron bars. This track brings you back to the start of the Col des Lèques climb. We will pay attention to the trees that have fallen in the middle before arriving at a farm.

Un autre parcours; Depuis la piste venant du col, continuez encore deux kilomètres après le premier embranchement décrit plus haut. On accède cette fois à la piste qui en vous faisant passer un vallon, vous ramène à Brayale puis à la sorite de Castellane en direction de la route des gorges. Excellent parcours!


Villars Brandis

Finally, if you still continue this track from the pass in the direction of Cadières de Brandis, this time you can go back down to Villars Brandis. For my part, I appreciated this route less. Indeed, it requires a few portages (always a little frustrating to have to carry your bike to go down, especially when you have sweated well before going up). In addition, you will always meet a little stressful of three patous (imposing Pyrenean shepherd). According to a friend who lives there, they are adorable like fluff. Well, we must already let them approach to realize it ..

Have a good bike!


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