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Hiking and legends; Robion Mountain

Hiking and legends; Robion, one of the most characteristic mountains of the Verdon. It rises to 1660 meters, 950 meters above Castellane. A characteristic massif since the course of rafting and air...

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MTB tours from Le Col des Lèques

MTB tours from Le Col des Lèques. Culminating at 1146 meters above sea level, the Col des Lèques dominates Castellane on the N85 leading to Digne les Bains. The bravest will climb Castellane and...

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Canyoning in the Ravine of Venascle

Canyoning in the Ravine of Venascle. Christophe, my friend Canyon guide with whom we have already discovered the Val d'Angouire canyon is this...

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