New at VERDON XP !! Bungee jumping on the Artuby Bridge, 182m

This year VERDON XP & The Funny Helmets team up with LATITUDE-CHALLENGE to offer you a 10% discount on your bungee jumping on the Artuby Bridge, 182m, the highest in Europe. Come and enjoy the thrill in the beautiful setting of the Canyon du Verdon!

Latitude Challenge is positioned as one of the first bungee jumping companies in France. Latitude Challenge is over 90,000 jumps on the bridge of Artuby.

At Latitude Challenge, bungee jumping is open to everyone, from 15 years old with parental authorization and medical certificate from 55 years old.
For 20 years, Latitude Challenge has also been overseeing the bungee jumping of many people with disabilities. Particular care is then taken.

A key word; Security. All equipment is systematically checked.

In 2004, Latitude Challenge extended its activity to teaching parachute jumping. And thus creates a school, specialized in the discovery of free fall for beginners. Since 2012, Latitude Challenge has obtained the Quality Tourism label. Latitude Challenge has the highest rating among outdoor recreation organizations across all industries.

By contacting Verdon Xp, you will be given a promotional code that you will find on the site when you register. All you have to do is follow the instructions and be ready on the “D” day for the big jump! Only Sunday from April to November and also Saturday from mid-July to mid-August.

For a group, here is an activity that can perfectly pair with the Aqua Trekking day since the parking of the Auberge des Cavaliers (Grand Canyon Hotel) is only a ten minute drive from the Pont de l’Artuby. Certainly a plus at a hen party girl or boy!

Idea weekend; Saturday; Aqua Trekking Day and night at the Grand Canyon Hotel. Sunday; Jump from the Bridge of Artuby then back to the house of stars in the eyes.