In the Verdon, climate changes between 2017 and 2018?

“Climatic changes”. Words that we hear a lot these days unfortunately .. Between 2017 and 2018, we could note some changes of climatic order in the Verdon, this valley far from any industrial world would it be affected also or simple whims of nature?

This year, with a generous winter in snowfall, until the end of May, you could see the snowy mountains from Castellane to boarding rafting. In other words, the water reserves were already well insured. Subsequently, the cool temperatures and heavy rains of spring allowed a gradual melting and ensured a constant level in the Verdon for kayaking and rafting. Note that it rained then it rained … Number of sessions we did under the flood, it’s always part of the adventure and then wet for wet ..

We have been asked a lot for the Aqua Trekking during this period but the first outings were made this year, only from the second week of July, exceptional when we know that last year for example, they had started in May. Indeed, it was already more than normal plutt in May-June, so we thought that it would calm down in summer .. Not at all! In July and August, a storm fell on the valley every two or three days. Note in passing that when this happens, mobile communications are interrupted until the next morning, which complicates things a little when we have a number that starts with 06!

The days of water are thus chained almost continuously. It is recalled that “day of water” on the Verdon, means that the dam is open and delivers a volume of water sufficient to allow rafting and kayaking. Three, sometimes four days of water a week! With a flow rate approaching thirteen cubic meters per second, which greatly changes the ten cubic meters per second generally delivered in summer.

On the other hand, we remember that in 2017, the winter was very poor in snow and it did not fall a drop of water in July and August. It took only five days of water on July August as the entrants upstream of Lake Castillon were weak.

For more than 20 years that I’m near the Verdon, 2017 remains the driest summer I’ve ever known and 2018, the rainiest … Two extremes in two years.